Best Of 2017: Here Are The 10 Most Watched Videos

Best Of 2017: Here Are The 10 Most Watched Videos

What do we love? Videos! When do we want them? Throughout the year! Well, that's the message we got pretty strongly in 2017 when it came to looking at the content you loved.

We compiled a list of the 10 most watched videos we shared this year. And we’ve decided to share it with you so we can all relive the hits together.

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10 Educating Young Workers Ep 2 | 4 Warning Signs

Young people represent 16% of the workforce, yet 25% of the calls for help the Fair Work Ombudsman receive are from young people. Young people are disproportionately exploited in the workplace and we wanted to do something about it. We partnered with the Fair Work Ombudsman to help bring the facts to the people. Episode 2 tells us all about red flags to watch out for when it comes to your rights at work.

Watch if: you work or plan to work at some point in your life.

9 This Robot Can Be Controlled By People With Disabilities

Aubot are on a mission to bring robots into the world to help us with our everyday lives. We shared this video about their second robot iteration Jeva, a robotic arm for people with a disability, which can be controlled with the power of thoughts!

Watch if: you’re not opposed to happy crying.

8 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations, Paige Burton, Delivers A Statement About The Year

Australia’s United Nations (UN) Youth Rep Paige Burton spent the last year travelling hundreds of thousands of kilometres across the country and talking to young people about what they wish politicians knew about them when making policy. Then she packaged all that info up and presented it in this speech to the UN 3rd Committee. We helped get the good word out by sharing Paige’s video.

Watch if: you feel like politicians don’t quite get where you’re at.

7 Some Uni Students Are Paying Strangers On Airtasker To Do Their Assignments

We created this vid in early February when it came out that a university watchdog were investigating claims of uni students paying strangers to do their assignments for them. Cheating or nah?

Watch if: you want more info on new technology enabling things that have probably been happening for some time.

6 Educating Young Workers Ep 1 | Work Myths Busted

Episode 1 of our Educating Young Workers series busted some common myths about workplace rights with some cold hard facts.

Watch if: you’ve ever been unsure about things like whether casual workers are entitled to leave or if you can be paid in cash.

5 Mind The Generation Gap Ep 4 | The YLab Director

Could your parents explain your job? Former Engineer turned Social Entrepreneur, Dhakshy Sooriyakumaran, filled us in on a day in the life of. Then we heard from her parents as they explained what they think Dhakshy gets paid to do. This vid gave us a little more proof that people are smart but jobs are changing and it’s not our fault we don’t know what half our friends do all day! Also proof that we all want to unofficially join the Sooriyakumaran family.  

Watch if: you want to know what an entrepreneur does when they aren’t pitching their ideas on Shark Tank. 

4 Mind The Generation Gap Ep 2 | The Mechanics

The second episode of the series we created to show just how much work has changed between generations. Sure, a mechanic is still a job today, but it’s pretty different day-to-day compared to what it was, say, 50 years ago. We didn’t go back quite that far, but we did find out just how different it is to be a mechanic 28 years apart.

Watch if: you want to know how technology is changing hands-on jobs.

3 This 14-year-old Created A Petition To Save Hospital Visitors $$

A coming of age tale of one 14-year-old who prompted the NSW government to cut hospital parking costs.

Watch if: you love a good news story.

2 Headspace And The National Union Of Students Survey On Mental Health

Mental health was a big topic of 2017. This vid covered the release of survey results that shone a light on the mental health and wellbeing of Australian university students. The results were pretty alarming.

Watch if: you want to know what’s impacting the study of tertiary students across Australia. 

(P.S. Need help? Contact Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14 – 24hrs)

1 Mind The Generation Gap Ep 1 | The Enterprise & Changemaking Manager

There’s a lot of change happening in the world of work, y’know? To explore this a little more we had Theatre Production graduate, now Enterprise & Changemaking Manager, Rita Khayat, generously share what on earth she does all day. Then we asked her Mum Feyrouz to tell us what she thinks Rita does at work all day. If you’re wondering why this was the most watched video we published all year, let’s just say Rita’s Mum is all our Mums. Feyrouz for Queen!

Watch if: you haven’t already.