Best of 2017: Our Top 10 Most Popular Stories

Best of 2017: Our Top 10 Most Popular Stories

So once again we've arrived at December. The 12th month. That means different things for different people.

For me it means an intense season of mango and lychee consumption; the allocation of at least one full day for my Mum and I to decorate gingerbread exclusively (we’re going for a house this year, team. So long gingerbread shapes!); and an insatiable desire to watch movies I’ve already seen a bunch of times—usually one where New York City plays the best supporting actress role (looking at you, Serendipity) or one that follows an ensemble cast of (mostly) Brits as they’re overcome with the need to tell the truth through varying declarations of love before 25 December rolls around. It’s a very fun month, actually.

It also, inevitably, means I spend some time reflecting on the year that’s past, acknowledging some of the great things that happened, and wondering who on earth I’ll be by next December.

We’ve been doing the same thing at FYA. We’ve realised just how much we crammed into a year and how many great stories we had the chance to share from our community and with our community. We thought we’d share the articles you loved the most this year in case you’re like me and you too love to revisit the hits.

Okay, let’s countdown the top 10 most read articles we published this year. Here we go:

10. Want Your Say On Marriage Equality? You Need To Enrol To Vote Quick Smart

Remember when the postal survey was announced and we all had to update our electoral roll details stat? Same.

Read if: you want to relive the greatest hits of a majority YES vote.

9. How To Raise An Issue In The Workplace, According To An HR Professional

Our People & Culture team put together some tips for speaking up when things don’t feel right at work.

Read if: you’re young and you work. We learnt earlier this year that, while 16% of the workforce is young people, 25% of the calls for help the Fair Work Ombudsman receive are from young people. You do the math.

8. 7 Reasons Why Even Thinking About Brenna Harding Fills My Heart With Pure, Unbridled Ecstasy.

FYA’s Content Producer Sam Danby pens an ode to the MVP of the Network Ten series Puberty Blues.

Read if: you like young Australians doing good things (of course you do).

7. A Complete List Of The 2017 Young Social Pioneers Participants

We welcomed 60 people into the 2017 cohort of our social entrepreneurship incubator. And what a good time it was.

Read if: you want to hear about great initiatives that respond to some of society’s most pressing issues.

6. 4 Secrets Every Teen Keeps From Their Parents

A coming of age tale from a group of smart and/or cool Work Inspiration students who hung out with us for a week earlier this year.

Read if: you want to know the secrets. Not, like, the Oprah Secret. The ones teens keep from their parents.

5. Making Things That Are Pretty Can Help You Learn. Here’s Why.

Turns out colour-coding your notes and getting creative can actually help you remember all that info. And it looks great in the process. Digital Coordinator and lover of organised spaces Lucy Waddington introduced us all to the phenomenon of Studyblrs.

Read if: you want validation for your very specific highlighter protocol used when studying for exams.

4. 7 Social Media Accounts You Should Follow To Expand Your Worldview

7 people doing great things who can take your Instagram feed to the next level.

Read if: you think your digital world needs a refresh.

3. Why Does The Future Look Bleak For So Many Young Australians?

Mental health and wellbeing was brought up a lot in 2017. Not that it hasn’t been a mega important issue in other years, it just seems the data was reminding us over and over this year. The Deloitte Millennial Survey was released and it highlighted some of the biggest issues worrying young people today.

Read if: you want to know what young Australians are concerned about and the areas we’re excelling at.

2. High School Students: Now’s Your Chance To Be On The Q&A Panel

Not once, but twice this year high school students specifically got the call out to impress the Q&A producers with an audition vid for their chance to be on the show. It was great.

Read if: you want to be ready, willing, and able to audition the next time there’s a slot for young peeps to pull up a chair next to Tony Jones.

1. How To Nail The Key Selection Criteria In Your Job Application

Who knew so many young Australian were on the hunt for jobs? Oh.. wait.. we did (ahem see: our research showing nearly 1 in 3 young Australians being un- or under-employed and also our findings on it taking 4.7 years for young people to transition from full-time work to full-time employment). This did indeed come in at number 1 for our most read article published in 2017, with almost 3 times the visits of the Q&A article above. Young people really want jobs. Who knew?

Read if: you’re applying for a job which requires you to address key selection criteria. No other reasons to read this, tbqh.