Sign of a new era in working with young people

Sign of a new era in working with young people

Last week, the Foundation for Young Australians ran the first ever New Work Order Masterclass series in Melbourne and Sydney.

With over 150 in attendance from a cross-section of educational institutions, government, and industry, the masterclass translated two years of  New Work Order research into practical take aways.

The aim of the Masterclasses was to start building a practical toolkit for adapting to the changing world of work with new approaches to how we train, navigate and upskill young people.

The classes featured two in-depth workshops designed and delivered by FYA’s Education Consultant, Sarah Fenton, and Senior Manager of Special Projects & Innovation, Alex Snow. These workshops challenged current pedagogy and explored ideas around the notion of educators as change agents, putting the research into action and drawing on FYA’s experience working with young people, educators and the education system.

The first workshop focused on understanding educators as change agents through design and delivery. Drawing on the concepts in the New Work Basics report, the workshop emphasised the importance of building skills over memorising content, and how to do this through better design and delivery.

Getting hands on in the workshops

The second workshop investigated the methods and practice of teaching as a tool for preparing young people for the future of work, framing educators as change through pedagogy. This workshop explored ideas through the New Work Smarts and New Work Mindset reports.  

The day also included a context setting keynote presentation from FYA CEO Jan Owen AM, and panel discussion with students and teachers from the $20 Boss enterprise skill building program. The panel shared their experiences from taking new approaches to developing capabilities in problem solving, leadership, creativity and innovation.

$20 Boss panel

Early feedback has shown many attendees found the event insightful, practical, and collaborative. Attendees said they felt empowered rather than overwhelmed by the opportunities ahead.

Here’s some feedback from our anonymous survey:

“The workshops were my favourite part of the day – getting to hear ideas from others and share experience outside my industry.“

“I think the opening address was an Aha! moment.“

Some participants felt the aims were almost too much for the one day saying “I would be keen to learn how to use the research to impact organisational level change.”

Most importantly, the Masterclass led to the development of a new network of future teachers and navigators understanding the skills and knowledge young people need for their careers and their lives.

Haven’t read FYA’s New Work Order research? Find out more about the future of work in the face of automation, globalisation and technology, and how young Australians are fairing, by downloading all five reports here.