Undeniable Proof Bill Shorten Understands The Millennial Audience

Undeniable Proof Bill Shorten Understands The Millennial Audience

The world's most relatable man, Bill Shorten, has left the youth of Australia stunned as he ripped out a flawless, politically-themed rap over 50 Cent's "In Da Club" on breakfast radio on Friday morning.

In what could be labelled the weirdest attempt to appeal to the youth vote of 2017, Bill Shorten has jumped on the airwaves and let loose an absolutely legendary and/or catastrophic rap.

No one was safe, with Christopher Pyne, Fitzy, Wippa, and, of course, Malcolm Turnbull all getting called out by Shorten, the absolute madman.

Personal highlights include:

  • “Each day I listen to you fellas whinge and whine. I’d rather go to question time with Christopher Pyne”.
  • Wippa getting absolutely roasted with the line “Wippa’s not bad, just a waste of my time, you boys will be crying by the end of my rhymes”.
  • When big dog Shorten killed off Malcolm Turnbull’s street cred with the line “Our economy’s in debt but Malcolm’s just chillin’. Hey Malc could you lend us a coupla’ million?”. Roasted!

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Watch it and experience the pure joy one can only get from watching politicians attempt to appeal to young Australians. Have a good weekend. <3