Top 7 Reasons Why Lorde Is My Latest Idol And I Love Her A Lot

Top 7 Reasons Why Lorde Is My Latest Idol And I Love Her A Lot

At only 20 years old, Lorde has done more than I could do in approximately 47 lifetimes.

She wrote and released (for free) her first banger “Royals” when she was only 15 Orlando Bloomin’ years old, which scored her 670,000,000 views on YouTube (and counting), and instant global recognition.

She’s the absolute epitome of a young gun, and I wanted to share my personal top 7 reasons why I love her to bits. Please enjoy.

1: Her new Album is hot as heck and brimming with bangers.

It’s called Melodrama and literally every track will get your d-floor more pumping than a basketball pumping factory.

2: She writes good tweets tweets good things about her battles as a woman in the music biz to keep it real and make other women in the biz feel less alone.

Lorde Tweet 1

3. She did a tell all interview for 60 Minutes and showed how damn down to earth she is despite being the biggest thing going around right now.


4: Despite the current sad state of the world, she tweets very good and smart things about the responsibility of people with privilege.
Lorde Tweet 2


5: There’s a very good chance she has created this Instagram channel for reviewing onion rings.

6. She says fabulous things about the importance of feminism giving a voice to women.

“Feminism to me is not about me. It’s about all women. Women who might not have the opportunities that I have or the privileges that I have. Trying to fight for better conditions and better treatment of all women. Whether that be trans women or women of colour. Or women in professions that don’t typically get a lot of respect.”

Full interview here:


7: This look
Lorde Outfit is great


Lorde. We salute you.
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