What Nobody Tells You About Starting A Business

What Nobody Tells You About Starting A Business

“Hi I’m Lorraine and I’m the Founder of Useful Link where I run workshops for young people on how to be job ready, how to be a good leader and on personal development.”


Sounds kind of fancy when I say I have a business, doesn’t it? Every time people ask me what I do it’s usually followed by “wow you started your own business? It must be so great working for yourself and doing what you love all the time.” Now, they are not entirely wrong. I do love my job. I love serving young people, empowering them and speaking on their behalf to businesses and government. However, that’s not all I do. This entrepreneur journey isn’t full of just the things I love.

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Here are a few things people don’t usually tell you about entrepreneurship:

  1. You’re going to have to do things that you don’t love – I’m not a fan of too many meetings but I go to a lot of them because that’s how I build relationships with my clients. There are so many other things I don’t enjoy doing but they have to be done. If I only did what I wanted to do there would be no Useful Link.

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  2. Entrepreneurship does not automatically equal to being rich – Like anything else in life, it’s work. It’s serious work. You have to be innovative and willing to try new things, willing to grow and keep trying again.

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  3. You’re going to need to be persistent – People saying no to me is so common that it does not bother me as much as it did in the beginning. I’ve just had to learn that if people don’t say yes the first time, it doesn’t mean they’ll never say yes. I just need to be persistent and remember why I started and keep working at it.

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  4. You’re going to fail, get used to it – This was probably one of the harder lessons for me to learn but it was one that was important. It’s those big fails that will nearly knock you out, but get up anyway and keep moving. Earlier this year I had the biggest fail in my business and it was hard but I chose to celebrate my attempt and keep moving forward. I’m sure I will fail many more times along my journey but I can’t let that keep me from trying.

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It’s not all gloom and doom, I promise. Putting in the work into something that you truly care about and seeing the results is one of the best feelings ever. Step into the world of entrepreneurship realising that it’s not going to be easy but each victory, whether small or big, makes it worth it. I know I’m definitely learning that in the process. Just keep moving forward.