7 Great Folks In The LGBTIQ+ Space You Should Be Following

7 Great Folks In The LGBTIQ+ Space You Should Be Following

We thought we’d share a list of our favourite young peeps popping up in our feeds who are doing things in the LGBTIQ+ space so that you can add some of their awesomeness to your timelines too.

Now, sit back and enjoy a collection of people doing great work in the LGBTIQ+ space so you can make some fresh and fantastic additions to your social media circle.


Jacob Thomas / twitter: @jacobthomasaust

Jacob presented a TEDx talk at the Queensland University of Technology on gender equality in 2015, which led to Jacob to winning the Queen’s Young Leaders Award where — wait for it — Jacob was flown to London to meet Queen Elizabeth II. Jacob is a regular writer and speaker for a number of different organisations, and active voice in the political space, especially for young LGBTQI+ people. Plus, Jacob’s commentary on Twitter is also downright hilarious.

Deirdre ‘Dee’ Fidge / twitter: @figgled

A true meme queen and all-round funny person, Dee takes on Twitter with a grain of salt. Dee shares hilarious ramblings and quizzical observations that make us want to say “same”. Dee is also a journalist so keep an eye out for pieces on gender and life with ABC and SBS.

Harry Cook / twitter: @harrycook

Harry is a film and TV actor originally from the UK who has called Australia home since the age of 10. Harry is a self-described “actor, husband, parent of an English bulldog, and LGBTQ activist.” Catch Harry on just about every social media platform, or in Podcast form – via the show The Waffle Podcast it’s well worth a listen (BYO waffles).

Nevo Zisin / twitter: @findingnevo1

Nevo Zisin is a young author who has recently published their first memoir: “personal, political and passionate, Finding Nevo is an autobiography about gender and everything that comes with it.” Find a copy at your local library, otherwise available for purchase at the ABC store.

Bec Shaw / twitter + instagram: @brocklesnitch

If you’ve been on the internet as much as we have, you’ve probably seen Bec Shaw’s virtual face around (Bec’s had a few tweets go viral over time). Bec — a proud feminist — took a stab at those who deny the need for feminism by authoring a book (and accompanying Twitter account): @NoToFeminism. Worth a squiz.

Faustina Agolley / twitter + instagram: @faustinathefuzz

You might remember Faustina “Fuzzy” Agolley as the host of long-running Australian music program Video Hits on Channel 10. After making regular appearances on Aussie TV ever since, updates from @faustinathefuzz have been excellent — um, see above for pic of cold hard virtual evidence. Plus authoring a blog with beautiful personal pieces about coming out and coming to terms with gender and sexuality are some bonus point-out-ables.

Patrick Abboud / twitter: @patrickabboud

Patrick is a Walkley-nominated storyteller and documentary maker, and also the mastermind behind The Feed on SBS. Not to mention being a co-host for the annual Mardi Gras broadcast and writing a regular column for the national gay news network. Follow for political cheekiness, a world of knowledge and excellent banter.