The Top 4 Ways To Stop Stressing And Actually Start Studying

The Top 4 Ways To Stop Stressing And Actually Start Studying

Question 1. So it’s exam period, what do you do?

  1. Freak out
  2. Pull all of your notes together from the year and cram
  3. “Forget” to sleep
  4. All of the above

It’s easy to fall into bad study patterns and become overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have to do. But rest assured, this does not have to be the case! Here are the top tips for relieving stress during exam time.

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1. More sleep, less screen time and more studying

The average Australian teenager spends 9 hours a day surrounded by media and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter top the list. Whether it’s you being on messenger texting a friend, or checking out the latest posts on insta, it all adds up. Often it gets in the way of our studies, regardless of it being the night before a test or exam! Let’s be real, school doesn’t end until 3 or 4pm. As soon as we get home we like to sit on our bed or couch and relax. But really, too many hours on either Twitter or in the books can really impact our health. The best way to achieve good results during our exam period is balancing out our studying and relaxing with sleep, to refresh our minds and bodies for the strenuous day ahead.

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2. Take a break

Late night attempts to try and finish your essay that is due tomorrow, or in this case, last second revision for exams, is hardly healthy. But we’ve all been there. Instead of leaving it to the last minute and becoming scattered the following day, maybe make a timetable for your study and take regular breaks every few hours to keep you focused and still engaged on the task at hand. Many people often don’t revise until it’s too late, because they are spending too much time out with friends or online. But if you find time to balance your social and school life as well as study, it can definitely help you to achieve your maximum potential during your exams.

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3. Don’t cram!

It’s understandable that going out with friends is way more fun than studying. Maybe a sleepover or an invite to a trendy hangout space after school will come up when you’re supposed to be working. Now whilst it doesn’t hurt to take a break, the excuses “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll just read over my notes the night before the exam” do not work! To be able to obtain information, the brain needs continuous exposure to a fact or figure. This pretty much rules out pre-exam cramming leading to good results. Instead, during the lead up to exams spread out your studying by making a timetable to ensure everything is covered. A+ all around!

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4. Personalise your study

Everyone learns differently. Whether it be visually or hands on, there is a method for everybody. Find a way that suits you! Perhaps you could put your notes into cue card form and get a family member to test you, or make a flowchart or a diagram of all of the concepts you need to remember and picture it in your mind when you are testing the theory. There is no limitation when it comes to how you learn.

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Nathan, Liam, Emily and Reem are a group of high school students who hung out at FYA for a week of Work Inspiration. We asked them to write an article on something important to them and, well look, the rest is history.