How Figuring Out Which Hogwarts House You Belong To Can Help Save The World

How Figuring Out Which Hogwarts House You Belong To Can Help Save The World

That’s right, it's what you've been waiting for, a definitive guide to what social action or social change cause is best for you, based on your Hogwarts House.

We know you’ve been sitting at home thinking, ‘I want to give back to my community but how do I get started?’ And more importantly ‘How do I do something that is truly me?’

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Easy, you align all social action activity (and all activity in general) with your Hogwarts house.

It might be digital campaigning that’s for you or a volunteer project overseas, it might even be starting your own social enterprise! 

As a refresher (as if you don’t already know), you can get the Sorting Hat to give you the skinny on your Hogwarts House here.


Gryffindor’s are daring, brave and fiercely loyal. They do the right thing even when nobody’s looking and have a deep call to adventure. They’re leaders, mobilisers and willing to take brave risks to help others.

When it comes to social action and contributing to your community; why don’t you round up some pals (obvi Harry, Ron and Hermione … alright Neville can come) and launch a community campaign. 

You’re a leader who can get people behind you so use that influence to champion an issue you’re passionate about. It might the 40 Hour Famine, or running as a young candidate in local council elections.

Whatever you do, involve others, you have an incredible ability to bring people together, you brave little lion you.

Make Nearly Headless Nick proud you guys.

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You smart, smart, big brain.

Ravenclaw’s are smart, witty and analytical. They love learning and have wild critical thinking skills.

If you’re a Ravenclaw and you’re wanting to do right by your community why not use that giant thinking bubble of yours and design a technological solution to a big social problem. It could be something like the app Be My Eyes which enables sighted people to help vision impaired people see what’s in front of them through FaceTime calls.

You’d also be amazing at digital campaigning, working out how to mobilise communities online, so why not have a go by starting a petition about something you’re passionate about on

Or, just be a total Luna Lovegood and delight everyone with your weird and wise personality, coz that’s cool too.

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Oh Hufflepuff, you lovely chums.

Hufflepuff’s are loyal, hard working and fairly go with the flow. They have a unique policy of accepting any Witch or Wizard into their house so we know they’re very inclusive and want to value everyone for their unique contribution.

Hufflepuff’s LOVE community so why not round up some pals and start a community garden? You can check out organisations like 3000 Acres who are all about creating really amazing community gardens in community spaces for people in urban areas.

Or given Hufflepuff is all about inclusion why not think about designing an event or program at your school, uni or work that is all about including those who are sometimes marginalised or excluded?

Do it for Cedric.


Well, well, well.

If you got Slytherin, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not all bad.

Slytherin’s are determined, ambitious and resourceful. Qualities that when channelled effectively, can have an incredible impact.

Slytherin’s make amazing social entrepreneurs, doing whatever it takes to get the job done and back an idea.

If you’re a Slytherin why not think about starting a social enterprise? A task like that requires focus, ambition and deep belief that your idea will work.

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So get moving people, or McGonagall will crack it and deduct mad house points.