This 14 Year Old Melboune Woman Forced Aldi To Drop Cage Eggs

This 14 Year Old Melboune Woman Forced Aldi To Drop Cage Eggs

Did anyone catch The Project last night...? No? Just me? Fine. Well you missed a great piece on a young woman who toppled a supermarket giant to help some nice hens spend some time in the sun.

Her name’s Angelina. She’s a total gun, and she took to our televisions last night to celebrate her victory over Aldi.

Just two mates, hanging out, having fun.

Everything started when Angelina discovered her grandma’s chickens and found out just how “smart and full of personality” they are. After a bit of further research, she was pretty grossed out at the treatment of caged hens. As we all are.

With a simple petition, she would eventually go on to gather close to 100,000 signatures of support, as well as the backing of animal rights groups like the RSPCA and Animals Australia.

After the campaign caught wind, social media was quick to turn on ALDI.

With an unstoppable wave of animal rights activists behind her, Angelina was able to get widespread news coverage of her courageous endeavour, eventually forcing the German supermarket giant to switch from cage eggs to cage-free… Over the next 10 years.

ALDI Australia

Smart decision by the providers of the worlds most controversial gummi bears.

You might be questioning: 2025?! Does Aldi really need 9 years to make the switch the cage free? Great question.

The Australian Egg Farmers Union spokesman (the unfortunately named John Coward) released a statement saying: “Currently, more than 50 percent of the Australian egg supply is from caged eggs. As a responsible company, Aldi Australia wants to ensure that the complexity of transitioning to cage-free eggs is managed effectively.”

However supporters of cage free eggs are still maintaining that the 9-year deadline could do with some serious tightening. I tend to agree with them.

Regardless, this is an absolute result. Angelina celebrated by posting a final blog on her page, telling all her supporters: “Are you ready for this? We won!!!!”

chicken friends hug

Pictured: Adorable local boy celebrates with his favourite hen.

So if you see someone giving a high five, or a nice big hug, to a hen heading into the weekend, now you know why.

Massive props to you Angelina. You’re an absolute inspiration, thank you for reminding us that everything great starts small. Discovering stories like yours always puts a smile on our collective dial.


Interested in starting your own petition? is a pretty great place to do it. Check 'em out.