Young Social Pioneers

The future is going to look very different.

Young Social Pioneers (YSP) is Australia’s only incubator for our nation’s emerging social innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and changemakers aged 18-29 years.

Over six months you will work alongside 50 participants, build your business and leadership skills, turbocharge your social impact, meet world-class mentors, develop a network of impact-driven partners, join a passionate community of innovators and gain access to Australia’s only free co-working space for young people. Not to mention, our partners have generously offered up to $50,000 in total seed funding to be won!

All this and you won’t pay a cent $$ thanks to our generous partners.



This year, we're looking for applications in one of the following 5 categories:


We believe young Australians have the ideas to help build a pipeline of problem solvers and innovators, skilled in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).


We want young innovators to speak up for an exciting and innovative education system, for now and future generations. We want young people to imagine new ways of engaging with the education system at all levels.


We’re proud to invest in young Australians working across society to influence urgent, transformative action to deliver change required to ensure a sustainable environment.



Youth Mental Health

We’re committed to supporting and developing positive change in the youth mental health space. It is an area that urgently requires greater funding and focused advocacy. As mental health is a leading cause of death amongst young Australians, we are invested in supporting innovative youth led initiatives.

Arts & Creative Industries

We believe in the creativity and community connection embodied through the Arts sector. The imagination of young people is something we are passionate about. We are looking for artists, producers, writers, filmmakers, directors, musicians and actors.





Dana Affleck

“Skills like thorough and critical evaluation, goal setting and business planning – which are more practical – have been absolutely invaluable to me since I left YSP and continued to develop Road to Refuge further.” – Dana Affleck, YSP Alumni



“I feel more confident in my ability to be a leader and a spokesperson for Empowered Together. The most important change though is my new wealth of networks. The program allowed me to develop close personal friendships as well as fruitful business relationships.” – Ayeesha Singh, YSP Alumni



dean“I consider myself a changed person after the YSP program. I feel more confident in my abilities, have greater clarity in my vision and life legacy that I am working toward, and feel incredibly inspired to achieve extraordinary things thanks to the amazing presenters / guest speakers of the program.” – Dean Cohen, YSP Alumni