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Calling all jet-setters, culture vultures and Asia enthusiasts. We’re so happy you found us – our office Waving Cat, Chairman Meow (yep, we’re serious), waves hello!

FYA believes the rise of Asia as the global economic centre will shape our region with unprecedented opportunity. However, to capitalise on this growth we, as a country, need to shift our mindset and start backing young people to develop mad skills and a genuine interest and understanding in our regional neighbours.

With more than 750 million young people in the Asian region there are heaps of opportunities and insights we can gain by turbocharging our connection with Asia. So, FYA is working to build stronger links with the region by creating opportunities for young people to exchange ideas, culture, language and passion with our neighbours in the region.

And we know the best way to learn is to see, feel, touch – right? So, our next stop is Asia. Or at least our local dumpling house…

But what exactly do we do:

Clearly we have big love for Asia. So we’ve found like-minded partners to help us:

  • Support Local Councils to provide a council-implemented Experience Asia Program. The Experience Asia Program is a scholarship program for young people to access immersive cultural experiences in the Asian region back by their local Council.
  • Talk innovation with people in the know – convening forums and bringing together young entrepreneurs, business and thought-leaders to address some of our most pressing challenges.
  • Share our travel pics – well, kind of – but in a little more intentional way… We share stories and experiences with our digital community, building an appetite for Asian connection and capability with Australian young people.


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