Change It Up

We work with young people to co-design solutions to challenges in their community… Explore Change It Up.

We’ve had enough of old solutions to new and evolving challenges. So we’re enlisting the raw talents of high schoolers to get the job done. Genius.

Who knows the ins and outs of a community like its youngest citizens? FYA knows that to spark real change, we need to engage the firepower and fresh ideas of young people.

FYA’s Change It Up is the only initiative of its kind to use community organising to unveil passion for social change. Connecting young people with their local community not only ensures local problems have local solutions, but those solutions are community-led, enduring and new.

It all starts with an idea. Or some kind of challenge. Do you have one? Sure you do. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of prompting, prodding and poking to find it – and most importantly, change it.

But what exactly do we do:

We want to create change and find better ways of doing things. And we’ve found living legends to help us do it.

Together with our partners, we:

  • work directly with young people – hosting intensive workshops all over the country to uncover big ideas for social change. Once we’ve got a problem nutted out, we find a solution and then present it to local governments for action.
  • connect young people with their local council – it’s funny how we don’t talk. Councils got problems, young people got ideas. We bring it all together like a match made in heaven and kickstart the changemaking conversation.


Curious? Want to get involved?
  • Young peeps: hit us up at to see when the next Change It Up workshop is coming to your community. Or help us reach out to your local council.
  • Partners: if you’d like to give us a hand, contact or visit our Partners page

2015 Shaping Vic Forum

We're inviting all Change It Up attendees to the 2015 Shaping Vic Forum in Melbourne!
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