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Worlds of Work (WOW) is a national FYA initiative that supports young people to make successful transitions to work and life beyond school. The program enhances their understanding of the changing world of work, builds their capabilities and confidence to participate in the workplace, and cultivates skills for lifelong career development. WOW takes Year 10 students on a journey that broadens their view on what it means to be successful in the changing world of work. This is achieved through:

  • FYA-facilitated workshops focusing on personal development and future employment.
  • Conversations with employees from a number of Australia’s leading workplaces.
  • Support from schools and teachers.

Through collaboration young people and employees alike learn that it takes courage, imagination and will to succeed in life and work.


  • To increase young people’s understanding of what it takes to be successful in life and work
  • To enhance the employability skills of participants
  • To improve young people’s transitions from school to life in the workforce/further study
  • To meaningfully engage organisations and their employees towards the fulfilment of the WOW objectives
  • To provide meaningful professional development for teachers
  • To positively influence the Careers Development agenda in Australia.


While schools offer a range of career development activities including work experience, WOW is unique because it is based on how young people like to learn: through experience, immersion and with peers. WOW also addresses challenges young people face in securing work by:

  • building the personal and enterprise skills that employers are seeking
  • engaging industry and workplaces to give young people the opportunity to ask questions and develop their understanding of work and careers as well as build contacts and connections, and
  • reinforcing learning through reflective approaches, group discussions and student inquiry projects.


From 2007-2013 WOW has:

  • Inspired more than 4,800 15 to 17 year-olds to create better future pathways
  • Partnered with more than 50 leading Australian workplaces and engaged over 2,000 workplace volunteers in conversations with young people about work, life and success
  • Teamed up with more than 300 secondary school teachers to strengthen teacher-student relations and explore more inspiring ways of operating within the classroom.

Read the full 2014 Worlds of Work Evaluation Report here.