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The Program

Change It Up sparks young Australian’s ideas for change in their local communities. In partnership with teams of local community members and organisations, this happens through three phases of Organising, Exploring and Connecting.

Change It Up is the only program of its kind that uses community organising to connect young people with their local communities to spark a passion for social change. During the process young people build their confidence, skills and networks to make their ideas happen.


  • Give young people, regardless of where they live, an opportunity to act on issues/ideas that are important to them.
  • Build community connections so that:
    • Young people receive the benefits produced by new networks (social capital), and
    • Communities receive the benefits produced by youth involvement (progress and innovation).
  • Connect young people across communities to spread social action.


  • Young people’s confidence increases
  • Young people, in partnership with community champions, lead social change projects
  • Services and pathways for young people improve
  • Communities become healthier

You can read the full 2014 Change It Up Evaluation Report here.


The Victorian Government will support rural and regional young people to make positive changes in their local community by partnering with FYA on Change It Up. This is a three-year partnership, commencing in 2013, that will support 30 communities in regional Victoria.