NAB Schools First

It takes a village to raise a child

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NAB Schools First recognises that the job of raising resilient, inquiring, adaptable and well-adjusted young people belongs to the entire community. NAB Schools First is a national awards program thatrecognises and rewards outstanding school community partnerships which are having a positive impact on students beyond the classroom, unleashing young Australians the courage, imagination and will to realise their full potential. Supporting established partnerships, recognising newor developing partnerships and rewarding student initiated ideas, NAB Schools First is an innovativeprogram that delivers results for students, schools andcommunities to succeed.

NAB Schools First: Initiative Summary (PDF)



Schools can’t do it alone. NAB Schools First supports successful connections between schools and their local communities. Research by Schools First partner Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) has shown that strong partnerships between schools and local community organisations can lead to a range of positive outcomes, including improved student engagement and academic outcomes, enhanced well being and broadened vocational options and skills.



NAB Schools First aims to connect schools with their communities across Australia. Research shows that student results and experiences can be enhanced when they are connected to and involved with their community. That’s why NAB Schools First aims to:

  • Provide financial recognition of success in establishing effective school-community partnerships
  • Provide financial support to build stronger school-community partnerships
  • Advocate for school-community partnerships on a national scale.


    With 310 school-community partnerships awarded in theprogram’s first three years, totaling $15 million, the impact of NAB Schools First is huge.Partnerships cover projects as diverse as online mentoring, sustainable housing construction and geography study via aretirement village garden. These collaborations are having a realeffect, achieving tangible results, involving many and consolidating the courage, imagination and will of our young people. Since the program’s inception in 2009, NAB Schools First has also increased the understanding and uptake of school-community partnerships in Australian schools, and has led the way in an industry-wide movement around school-community partnerships.

    To find out more visit the NAB Schools First website.