Information for applicants

Opportunity Scholarships

The Opportunity Scholarship application process is a joint effort between the student and a nominating professional (NP). The NP should be a teacher at the student’s school, someone who plays an educational role in the student’s talent (e.g. a teacher at a specialised sporting or music organisation) or a professional who works with the student and has identified the student’s talent.

Opportunity Scholarships may be used to fund one-off or discrete expenses related to a student’s talent (e.g. equipment, lessons, uniforms), or they may be used to contribute to a larger or ongoing project where expenses extend beyond the $1000 available (e.g. study tours, art exhibitions, equipment costing over $1000).

Opportunity Scholarships focus on students who have a specific, demonstrated talent, and who have a passion for and commitment to that talent. Strong applications will demonstrate all three of these, as well as in-depth thought as to how scholarship funds would be spent.

Opportunity Scholarships are currently available only to students from Victoria or Queensland.

Eligibility criteria:

• The student must be an Australian resident

• The student must be attending a government school

• The student or their family must be receiving educational benefits or financial assistance for education (e.g. Education Maintenance Allowance [EMA], Textbook & Resource Allowance, Pensioner Education Supplement [PES], ABSTUDY)

Links for Opportunity Scholarship recipients:

Online application user guide

Opportunity Scholarship change of circumstances form

3-month report (nominating professional)

12-month report (nominating professional)

12-month report (student)

Opportunity Grants

Opportunity Grants support groups of 8 to 15 students who share a common talent or passion. Projects may be student-led or initiated by a nominating professional (NP) who has identified a group whose educational opportunities would benefit from a specific project or program.

Strong applications will be specific about their project and show a) that each student in the group is committed to the project and b) how the group will benefit from the project.

To be eligible for an Opportunity Grant, students within the group should meet the eligibility criteria outlined for Opportunity Scholarships (see left).

Opportunity Grants are currently available only to students from Victoria.

To apply for an Opportunity Grant, the NP should express their interest by preparing a proposal outline, including a basic budget, and email it to Proposal outlines should be no more than 150 words. If the project is deemed suitable, the NP will be sent the full Opportunity Grant application form.

Proposal outlines can be submitted at any time during the year, but granting will occur each year during Round 2 of Opportunity Scholarships.