Change It Up

What is Change it Up?

In partnership with teams of local citizens, Change it Up energises and engages young people aged 14 to 19 living in regional and rural parts of Australia who have an interest in sparking change within their local communities.

Change It Up follows a community organising model for engagement. This ensures that the program is co-authored by the local community through three distinct yet complimentary phases:

1. Organising – A local Hosting Team is created from local government, businesses and community agencies.  The Team works with FYA to discuss how Change It Up can support their community, and identify and engage participants.  The Hosting Team co-organise the workshop and awareness of the program.

2. Exploring – A two-day workshop is held with the Hosting Team and young people       curious about change.  The workshop begins by exploring the young person’s community and imagined change, before working through the ways these ideas can be put into        action.  The workshop culminates in the young person or team making a “pitch” to the community around “this is who I am and this is what I want to change”.  Seed funding of $1000 is offered to the best ideas.

3.  Connecting – FYA works with the Hosting Team to support them in taking the young people’s projects further.  Young people can also be connected to other FYA initiatives including Propeller. The Propeller initiative takes successful youth-led projects and creates a video that participants can use to spread their ideas beyond their own communities.

FYA bring the model spark, energy, and workshop facilitation to communities. The Hosting Team engage young people and support them to take their ideas forward with broader community support.

Change It Up in rural and regional Victoria

The Victorian Government established a partnership with the Foundation for Young Australians to deliver Change It Up in 30 rural and regional local government areas across Victoria and host three annual Shaping Victoria Forums.

The government is providing $540,000 over three years to support the partnership and to encourage young people in rural and regional Victoria to remain connected to their local community.

Shaping Victoria

The Foundation for Young Australians, in partnership with the Victorian Government, hosted the Shaping Victoria Forum. Held on February 12, 2014 at M.A.D.E in Ballarat, the Shaping Victoria Forum was a unique event that brought together young people and community leaders from across regional and rural Victoria who had participated in Change It Up during 2013.

The forum provided an energetic and fun atmosphere for

·              Young people from regional and rural Victoria to connect with other like-minded young people;

·               Change It Up alumni to share their ideas with likeminded young people from across Victoria for boost funding to propel their projects further;

·              Change It Up communities to co-design for sustainable change

This very special celebration event included interactive workshops, presentations on community-led action from inspiring young people and visits from special guests The Hon Ryan Smith MP, Minister for Youth Affairs and Jan Owen AM, Foundation for Young Australians CEO.

Further, we are extremely excited to announce that our friends from Thankyou Group were with us on the day and hadsome special grants to help propel some of the youth-led projects. This was a great opportunity to learn about Change it Up and how it could come to your community in 2014.


Want to host Change It Up in your community?

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Young people living in regional and rural communities can face social isolation and related issues such as increased mental and physical health problems and reduced education and employment outcomes. Active participation in civic life is associated with a greater sense of belonging and wellbeing and quality of life. Marginalised young people who are contributors in their community will also experience a reduced sense of isolation and social exclusion, as well as a higher self-reported sense of community. – Evans, 2007

“We want our young people to go on a journey that unleashes their innovative ideas and accelerates them into the Australian change making landscape”. – Jan Owen AM, CEO, FYA

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