Centre for New Public Education


The Centre for New Public Education (CNPE) is an advocacy initiative dedicated to building a fairer and future focused education system for all young Australians.


CNPE connects and empowers people to influence education so all young people are ready for their future.

A fairer education system: CNPE uses advocacy, campaigns and engagement to ensure all young Australians are provided with a fairer education sytem.

A future focused system: Through a combination of alliances and campaigns, CNPE aims to promote a shared understanding of 21st century education in Australia.

Young people shaping education: Through advocacy and engaging young people in campaigns such as Student ShoutOut, CNPE aims to connect and empower young people to shape their education – where it matters to them.


So all young people, regardless of their background, will have access to an education which gives them the skills, knowledge and capabilities to thrive in their future life and work.


  • A fairer education system where a young person’s background or school do not constrain their future life and work
  • An education system that prepares all young people for their future life and work providing them with the skills, capabilities and knowledge to succeed
  • Young people actively shaping their education at a classroom, school and system level, and are partners in learning